Just Be Still

The World Through My Eyes


June 2017

Day 181

Hello horses!  Goodbye responsibilities!


Day 180

Finding holes in wood since 1994.

Day 179

Dragonflies on the dock!

Day 178

This is life: sitting on a swing, watching the dog, hearing the laughs (and screams) of your family and friends, smelling supper on the grill.

Day 177

Sit a little while and learn a bit about the Lord.

Day 176

I found this flower with a friend.  All I heard was, “Where did you…?  Oh…  You found a flower…  Should’ve known.”

Day 175

Getting lost in the woods and finding railroad tracks.

Day 174

Does anyone even know what this gross bug is??

Day 173

Throwback to beautiful days, wonderful friends, and over a thousand pictures.

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