Just Be Still

The World Through My Eyes


March 2017

Day 90

Feeling a little green today!


Day 89

Who knew I was slightly ambidextrous!?

Day 88

Because sometimes you just need a little pick me up.

Day 87

I think this might be the cutest street I’ve ever seen!

Day 86

Thank you so much to this couple!  I accidentally photographed you and you blessed me with your encouragement.  Y’all are awesome and I pray big things for you.

Day 85

Here’s to 427 days until we can say “I do” and end this long distance thing!

Day 84

One of my favorite things to do with action figures is pose them.  It drives little boys crazy!

Day 83

Raise your hand if you know how good God is!

Day 82

I like passing cool things that let me photograph them.

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