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February 2016

Day 60.8

This is from almost a year ago while we were backpacking.  I think enos and Kindles go very well together.


Day 60.7

I have a slight obsession with this tree in particular.

Day 60.6

Sometimes you just need a legitimate portapotty rather than one of those ugly plastic out houses.

Day 60.5

Sometimes editing is super intense…

Day 60.4

Graveyards aren’t always terrible, scary things.  The ground is watered by tears of love and the stones bear testimony to the legacy of family.

Day 60.3

“Goin’ to the chapel and we’re gonna get married.”

Day 60.1

This one is from the USS Alabama in Mobile.

Day 60.0

Because today is leap day, which is an extra day we have this year to love on people and glorify the Lord, I’ve decided to celebrate by posting a Nifty Pic every hour rather than just once today.  One of them at least will be from today, but most will be from past days when I took more than one and couldn’t post it.  This one is from Valentine’s weekend and it eluded me for days!

Day 60.2

This is a tremendously overdramatized representation of when my youth/college group got stuck at a gas station with tornadoes all around.

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