Just Be Still

The World Through My Eyes


March 2016

Day 91

When the weight limit is 3 tons and you see 3 tons walking toward you…


Day 90

Because I just got back from being surrounded by 20 incredible people, a forest filled with trees, a river running through it all, and no technology, here come the past few days worth of posts.  But don’t worry, each picture was taken on that day.

Day 89

Praise the Lord for backpacking and the ability to get away from technology.

Day 88

Sometimes the smallest ‘I love you’s carry the biggest weight.

Day 87

PRAISE GOD THAT JESUS CHRIST IS ALIVE TODAY!  He rose from the dead and saw hundreds of people!  He is still alive and well in Heaven, seated at the right hand of the Father!  “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.  Because He lives, all fear is gone.  I know who holds my life, my future in His hands.  Amen!  I’m alive because He lives!”

Day 86

Just a week ago, they were shouting “Hosanna!”  Yesterday, Good Friday, they chose to crucify Him.  Today, Saturday, Jesus was still in the tomb and His disciples were holding onto all hope that He would raise from the dead just as He said He would.

Here’s to the longest 3 days in the history of our world.  #HeIsRisen #SundayIsComing

God’s beauty goes beyond just His creation.  You can see it in the kind acts of others.  You can hear it in a child’s laugh.  All you have to do is look.

Day 84

Rainy days are best spent reflecting on the positives and the beauty found around you.

One of the many blessings in my life is being outlined in another series I’m doing.  Go check it out at

Day 83

The day isn’t complete until you’ve climbed on a roof and covered skylights with black plastic, magnets, and bricks.  #BlackLightProbs  #EasterPrograms

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