They say, “it’s the little things that count.” The thing is, they’re right. The big moments in life come and go, but the smaller moments are what get us through the daily grind.
It isn’t the grand gestures of love, spoken while on one knee with a ring in hand that really show us what it means to love or be loved. Rather, it’s the smaller moments. The things that can sometimes go unnoticed that show us what true love is.
True love is a servant’s heart straight from the throne of God. It’s taking her plate before she can take yours. It’s a simple text with one reason why he loves you. It’s reaching over to hold his hand while you’re driving. It’s holding her while she sobs for no apparent reason. It’s holding hands while you pray. It’s watching war movies or chick flicks because you know it’s their favorite. It’s not walking away. It’s not leaving, even when you have every reason to do so. It’s accepting the faults and the flaws and loving the person behind them with actions as well as words.
True love isn’t the movie version of love, where you get swept off of your feet. True love is living every single day loving one person, and choosing to love them each moment of that day, regardless of the insanity or failures or stress or just plain old monotony. True love is a gift from God, demonstrated by the Almighty.
True love is hard. But man is it worth it.